I am worn out by spam, so here is what you have to do to e-mail me.
Use this address once, but do not save it. When you contact me via this address, I will give you the correct one, if I think you need it. Sorry to make you do this. Blame the spammers. If you do add this to a mailing list, then you will be seen as a spammer and you'll not hear from me again.

Words of caution:
1. Please read the FAQ before you write me an e-mail.. Your question is more than likely answered there.
2. Do not send me attachments or images, press kits, audio files, any anything else other than a plain text message, no matter the size or content. I will never see it. Once we connect personally, we can see what needs to be sent. 3. I do not "exchange links" with anyone.

Sorry if this all sounds cranky... if I do not do this, the spammers win and you will never contact me! - CF

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